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How we can connect and work together

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I offer 1:1 sessions for coaching, counselling and recovery.

Here we work together 1 on 1 either face to face or via Zoom. I want your experience to be valuable so sometimes just 1 session will suffice, sometimes we may work together for much longer. I offer coaching, counselling and compassionate inquiry sessions depending on your needs and location around the world. 
Creating change and being compassionately disruptive is my goal as we journey together working towards agreed goals and connecting to life.
I have my own counselor and coach who I see monthly and am fully insured professionally.


A journey of self discovery based on the sound track of your life.

Over the last few years I have evolved a trauma informed method of connecting individuals with their life experiences through the sound track that accompanied them.
We blend coaching, counselling and inquiry techniques to revisit and restore memories safely and to identify parts of our lives that need more attention. 
It is an extraordinary, immersive and cathartic experience which lasts as long as the number of tracks on the mix tape you create. We may even dance a little along the way.

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Crossing the River


Connecting with Nature and Working together outdoors

Walking to wellness is a key part of my own strategy so I know meeting people  in nature really creates a powerful and cathartic experience. The chance to disconnect from life and connect to self can be done as whole day, half day and sometimes just a couple of hours. We walk in mountains, parks, city streets or alongside rivers we walk where you are or you can come visit me and walk where I go. We walk, talk, connect and create a new way to experience life everyday.


Making your staff the primary asset

I work extensively in training in health, social care and well being. I work exclusively with Vital Signs Training and Consultancy and we offer courses including Group work, MI, Trauma Informed Practice, ITEP Mapping and coaching. 
Outside of this work I deliver training based upon my Soundtrack To your Life approach.

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Guidance & Inspiration

I have worked in consultancy for over a decade offering services including the creation of intervention programs,bid writing, organisational vitality and fundraising. I have focused most recently on projects for service users and those with lived experience to create SUI networks and pathways to employment.
My consultancy work is focused on getting you the best value solutions and unleashing the passions and talents within the organisation. We work compassionately and disruptively together to achieve your goals.

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