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Returning to one to one, knowing what I know now....

I have been doing work with people 1:1 very secretly and very quietly throughout my career and always enjoyed it being the thing I did just for myself and with individuals to stay connected to the healing process. Life has been very strange the last 18 months and the opportunity and chance to go back to the 1:1 experience of connecting with people, their families and to be a part of them discovering who they really are and who they really can be has me excited about opening the doors a little wider and seeing more people.

I have several services from counselling, coaching and creative methods for exploring together anyone who has ever worked with me or called me for advice or been in session knows how passionate, safe and experienced I am. Please do share my page with anyone you think I might be able to engage and feel free to reach out as I grow this part of my world again.

I will try to post some new shots as I wander through where I live and hopefully soon travel to again. Below is a shot from Col de Selour where I often do 1:1 outdoors, more on that later this year.

Thanks for reading and sharing.


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