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John Bransfield FRSA, Pdip, Cert Couns.

My work is focused on ensuring that services are co-produced and that services work with people rather than just giving services to them.  I work hard not to box myself in, innovation is not about riffing, coat tailing or revisiting other good ideas you trip across. My work with NGO's, non-profits and government agencies, whether it's training or consultancy, is focused on local need, co-production and real innovation. It's coupled with a strong experiential and academic expertise of strategic management. I work with organisations to achieve the very best local response to a communities presenting issues. I believe that generic national concepts and policy, although well intentioned and 'evidence based', are often too cut and paste to meet the most complex challenges. That said with creativity and resourcefulness they can be made to do so....

I work with those providers who are bold enough to experiment, take risks and understand that nothing stays still.

My services are available in the form of consultancy, innovation workshops, training and coaching.

To get in touch email me at johnbransfield1@gmail.com or call me on 07539551486 or to have a quick 'stalk' see me on LinkedIn.